Every list of travel must-haves includes sleeping masks, feet hammocks and compression socks. This isn’t one of those lists. Do you want to make the constant traveler in your life feel really special? Give them something that will soothe their tired soul at home or abroad.

Scala Wool Cloche-Claire in denim, $42 at tenthstreethats.com.

1. Tenth Street Hats

Tenth Street Hats are amazing. They’re handmade, well made and easy to travel with. My personal favorite is the Claire. This hat is easy to tuck away in a purse and stylish even in a Windy City winter. You know your traveler will be posting photos of their adventures, make sure they’re stylish and comfortable in one of these gorgeous hats.

Chicago etched rocks glass, $16 at welltolddesign.com.

2. Well Told

With custom night sky and map options, Well Told can make your traveler feel at home again or remember a beloved memory. Want to remind them of that dream trip to the African Savannah? A romantic engagement in Paris? These glasses and other items offer a unique way of celebrating the ones you love with a place or moment they love.

TheraBox, $34.99+ depending on the plan, mytherabox.com

3. TheraBox

TheraBox is an absolute blessing for a world-weary spirit. With everything from skin-nourishing, organic body melts to aromatherapy, TheraBox is what your traveler can utilize on the road or at home. There’s nothing better than relaxing after a long haul flight with some lavender oil and opulent body creme.

FOUR lip calm (3 pack), $18 at fourorganicsnyc.com.

4. Four: Organics Lip Balm

Airplane air is the worst and dry lips from travel dehydration and moisture poor air are just as bad. Enter FOUR, the rich lip balm here to save the day! Not only is FOUR environmentally sustainable, but it’s also non-drying. Made from a simple blend of four ingredients (Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Peppermint Oil), FOUR will take your lips from sore to “I need some more!”.

Happiness Is… clothing collection, starting at $20 at happinessisinc.com.

5. Happiness Is…

This is hands down, the COMFIEST item of clothing I own. The insides of the sleeves are as soft as my Puggle’s ears and it’s the perfect balance of warm. I’m a person who gets too warm in sweatshirts, but this one is absolutely perfect. These cozy sweatshirts are the ideal travel or sipping tea at home companion. They come in a variety of options like “morning coffee,” “family,” “a good book,” and even specific places like “Calgary.”

Cape Town — Slacks on the Go, $98, cindykaren.com.

6. Cindy Karen

Cindy Karen’s clothing line caught my attention right away with their “clothing for the jetsetter in all of us” mantra. It’s hard to look decent and be comfortable while traveling. Have to meet with someone right after getting into your destination? Cindy Karen has you covered. Not only are these pants unbelievably comfortable, but they also look great with a trendy top or blazer! They also pass the easy to handwash in a sink test which is a good thing for any folks who spend more time living out of a suitcase than living out of their home.

Stojo Collapsible Coffee Cup in Mint, $14.99+ at Amazon.com

7. Stojo Collapsible Coffee Cup

If your traveler is anything like me I’m always downing coffee whether I’m at home, in the city or China. I live for a good cuppa. The best thing I’ve ever treated myself to is my Stojo. This cup is easy to hand wash (though it is machine washable) and fits easily in my purse. I love having a cup on hand to avoid using a single-use one. On top of that these come in a variety of sizes including a 24 oz. option for those days when there isn’t enough coffee in the world to get you through the night.

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